Hinsdale & Neighbors
We are residents that have come together to stop the 5G roll out in our towns. 

Verizon has selected Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Western Springs, Schaumburg and Naperville as pilot town for their 5G roll out. With phase 1 being 140-200 micro cell towers per town and that is only for Verizon. 

These 5G cell towers are planned in front of residential homes, parks and every school in our towns exposing our community to never before seen levels of constant radiation. 

5G has not been proven safe for humans and the roll out needs to be stopped till proven safe. We need your help to save our community’s health and property values. 

Help us stop 5G in your community

There are hundreds of studies that prove 5G is not safe for humans.
There are thousands that also show 2, 3 and 4G to not be safe yet we are already being exposed. 

The level of exposure that 5G would take us to could cause irreversible harm to humans and our planet.

Just this fall, the National Toxicology Program of the NIH released its first follow up study to the NTP rodent cell phone study. They determined that substantial DNA damage occurred after non-thermal levels of exposure, and are moving on to determine whether the RFR caused direct damage via oxidative stress, another yet unknown mechanism, by inhibition of DNA repair, or a combination of these pathways. 

States across the U.S. recognize that wireless radiation poses serious risks to public health. It's time that ILLINOIS and the FCC to do the same

Senator Glowiak announced that she will start a task force to study the issue based on the concerns she is hearing from her constituents. 

Senator Durbin announces he will co sponsor a bill to return power to local municipalities reversing SB1451. 

I hope that you will join them and work together for your constituents’ health, safety and property values. 

Stop the 5G roll out. 
“The manufacturers told consumers this was safe, so we knew it was important to test the RF radiation exposure and see if this was true...It is not true. The independent results confirm that RF radiation levels are well over the federal exposure limit, sometimes exceeding it by 500 percent, when phones are used in the way Apple and Samsung encourage us to. Consumers deserve to know the truth.”
- Beth Fegan

The Impact of 5G Cell Towers

What you can do:
  • Call and email our elected officials daily
  • Ask someone to JOIN and fight the 5g rollout in Hinsdale, Western Springs and Schaumburg. 143 cell towers in the small village of Hinsdale alone and that is only Verizon. Each service provider wants their own poles! 
  • Discuss the key points below with neighbors, co-workers, family and friends and get them to reach out to our elected officials and Verizon:
- We need to demand the reversal of the small wireless act and return control to local municipalities. Reverse the Streamlining Bill 1451. 

- A for profit company has no right to install 143 cell towers in our village.

- Thousands of studies prove that wireless radiation causes harm to humans, pets and plants. That is not even at the high level that 5G would be at!

- 5G uses millimeter waves and will be emit X-Ray level radiation throughout our town like a spider web. 

- 5G cell towers will take away our privacy. All your private information will be accessible and for sale.

- 5G cell towers will lower your property values.

- 5G cell towers will not even be insured because no insurance company will offer coverage for what they see as an asbestos type situation.

- Each cell tower puts off 40-50 decibels... similar noise of a small restaurant. That means 143 more in our village of Hinsdale alone.
  • Sign and share the petition at SIGN HERE
  • Take the survey so we can leverage our consumer power with the wireless companies: TAKE SURVEY
  • Email stop5ghinsdale@gmail to get involved and share ideas.
  • Call and Email Verizon and tell them NO.
Who you can contact: 
Help us stop 5G today!
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